Gift Cards a Good Option for the Holidays

Give the best gift this holiday season with a gift card

Gift cards and prepaid cards are becoming more and more popular as holiday gifts. They're versatile and convenient, and they're something everyone enjoys receiving and using. Learn a little bit more about giving a gift card to family members, friends and others during the upcoming holiday season.

For the person giving the gift, a gift card is an easy way to navigate the hassle of holiday shopping. Instead of wading through crowded malls and parking lots, desperately searching for that one must-have item, or anything that the recipient may actually enjoy, it couldn't be quicker or simpler to purchase a gift card for that special someone. Purchase a handful at once and cross everyone off the holiday list all at once!

At the same time, giving a gift card offers the opportunity for the recipient to get something he will actually use, and something he actually wants. No more secret returns of that sweater or those socks that nobody wanted.

For the gift recipient, gift cards are wonderful to receive. It allows them to actually use the card for what they would want. Maybe it's a meal out, or a special activity. Or maybe it's that hard-to-find local product that nobody else would have known about. Either way, the recipient can use that gift card any way that he or she pleases, ensuring it's a gift that is appreciated, and actually put to good use.

It's also important to note that gift cards come with all of the same benefits of traditional credit cards. That means they're protected against fraud and theft, they can be used to shop online, or over the phone, and more.

Giving a gift card to a younger family member is also a great way to help them gain financial literacy and real life skills. They'll have to keep track of what they want, how much it costs, how much money they have remaining and more. Gift cards actually encourage users to make responsible decisions, while still ending up with the same gifts they would have gotten either way.

Gift cards are a win-win for everyone, including both the gift giver and the recipient. At BFG Federal Credit Union, a wide variety of options are available this holiday season. Serving individuals who live, work, worship, attend school or volunteer in Summit County, Ohio and their immediate family and household members, BFG has locations in Hudson and Akron. Visit to learn about check cards, gift cards, prepaid cards, reloadable cards and more.