Auto Loan and Car Shopping Made Easier than Ever with the AskAuto™ App for Phones or Tablets

BFG makes the car buying process easier with the AskAuto App

The process to get a car loan and shop for a new or used vehicle is now quicker and easier than ever thanks to the AskAuto™ app for smartphones and tablets. With the AskAuto app, from BFG Federal Credit Union and other credit unions across the country, consumers can shop for a new or used car loan at anytime, anyplace, thanks to its feature-rich and intuitive setup.

Now, car shoppers can actually scan VIN numbers on vehicles and instantly learn the average cost to purchase that model, as well as other handy information, such as EPA mileage estimates. There's no need to wait until getting home, no guesswork or estimating, or simply hoping to match up what was seen with the real facts. It's all done instantaneously with the AskAuto app, giving shoppers and consumers a wealth of invaluable information right at their fingertips.

AskAuto also enables users to compare, rank and save notes and thoughts about different vehicles, making narrowing down the selection and the competition a breeze.

It's not just about finding the right car though; it's also about finding the right auto loan. AskAuto enables users to quickly find auto loan options, and compare different figures such as term length, interest rates, overall monthly payments and more to see which options are best.

Then, shoppers can actually apply for an auto loan from BFG Federal Credit Union right from the app itself. Putting this kind of power and convenience right into the hands of consumers would have been unheard of in the past; but now it can be an everyday part of life thanks to the AskAuto app.

Simply search for "AskAuto" in any app store for smartphones and tablets, and start putting it to use today. Finding the best car, and the best used or new car loan, has never been easier or more convenient. Shoppers can find the best deal, the best car, and the best auto loan, all with a simple app.

BFG Federal Credit Union serves everyone who lives, works, worships, attends school or volunteers in Summit County, Ohio, as well as their immediate family and household members. From Akron to Hudson, BFG provides exceptional new car loan and used car loan rates, and is proud to be a provider of the AskAuto app.

Simply select BFG on the startup screen of the app to get fantastic auto loan rates from BFG Federal Credit Union. Consumers can also see the latest rates and learn how to get a car loan today by visiting