Open a Free Checking Account with Online Banking Today

Spending money to make money can make sense, but not when it comes to a checking account.

The solution: BFG Federal Credit Union's free "Easy Checking" account. Our checking account can save you a considerable amount of money.

When you open a checking account with BFG Federal Credit Union, you will benefit from:

  • No Per Item Fees
  • No Monthly Service Charges
  • No Minimum Balance Requirement
  • Unlimited Check Writing Privileges
  • Online banking and money management tools
  • Free 200 Specialty Checks with $750.00 Direct Deposit Per Month

Our Visa Check Card allows checking account users to pay for goods and services at any Visa merchant without ever writing a check. No credit will be issued, no fees will be assessed and no interest will be paid. The purchase amount comes directly from your checking account. The Visa Check Card also doubles as an ATM card, giving you access to your free checking account at STAR ATMs worldwide. For your convenience we have drive-through ATM'S at our Akron and Hudson branches.

Overdraft Protection - This line of credit protects you* from the expense and embarrassment of an overdrawn checking account. If your BFGFCU free checking account is ever overdrawn, advances automatically occur** to ensure that your checks are paid. Overdraft protection allows you to write your own loan with a personal check.

* Qualifying members. Subject to credit approval.
** Up to your approved limit.

Overdraft Privilege - Because we appreciate your business, we offer this added service as a way of helping you manage your checking account. Our Credit Union may elect to pay your overdrawn items rather than returning them unpaid. You will be charged service fees for insufficient funds as appropriate. Checks paid through Overdraft Privilege enable you to avoid the additional expense of another fee charged by the business to whom the check was returned.

Open a checking account and enjoy the benefits of a completely free checking account. Apply today.

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