Savings Account from BFG

Share & Club Accounts

One of the most important elements of a successful financial plan is saving. BFGFCU offers several savings accounts to help members reach their goals. By setting aside small amounts to your savings account on a regular, ongoing basis, you can amass a considerable sum. Then, you'll have cash on hand when an emergency or other important need arises. The simplest way to save is through Automatic Deposits, because you don't miss what you don't see!

Share Savings Account

A share savings account establishes credit union membership. The minimum balance is just $5, which represents your "share" in the credit union. A Share savings account begins earning daily dividends when the account balance reaches $100. Dividends are compounded and paid quarterly.

Christmas Club Account

A Christmas club account lets members prepare for the holidays all year long. You can avoid making credit card purchases during the holidays by using the money saved in your Christmas Club savings account.If you would like to be prepared for the holiday shopping season, start a Christmas club account now. A payroll deduction plan of just $10 or $20 a week will make saving seem effortless.

Deposits earn the same dividend rates as any share savings accounts. In early November, funds are transferred to your share savings account for you to withdraw as needed. The account remains open and you can begin saving for the next year.

Other Club Accounts

Our Club accounts are a great way for you to organize your finances. Members save for many different reasons, such as paying insurance premiums, car repairs, a vacation, special purchases, etc. By making regular deposits to a separate "special purpose" account you are more likely to think twice before making unplanned withdrawals.

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