HSA Health Savings Account from BFG


At BFG Federal Credit Union, we offer convenient and beneficial HSA or health savings account plans. Learn more about how they work and the benefits of health savings accounts below.


What are qualified medical expenses?

In order for HSA assets to retain their tax-free status, they may only be withdrawn and used for certain expenses, including:

  • Actual medical expenses, including doctor visits, prescriptions, transportation to get medical care, and dental care
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Healthcare coverage when unemployed
  • Certain continuation-of-benefit healthcare coverage
  • Certain health insurance after age 65

Nonqualified uses of HSA or health savings account assets are subject to taxation and a 10% penalty unless the HSA account beneficiary is aged 65 or older, dies, or is disabled.

Visit the IRS website at www.irs.gov for more information about qualified medical expenses

What are the HSA contribution rules?

The total amount you may contribute to an health savings account for any taxable year is dependent upon whether you have individual or family coverage under a high deductible health plan (HDHP) as shown in the table below.

2019 HSA Contribution Limits*
Plan Coverage Self Only Family
Annual Contribution Limit $3,500 $7,000

In addition to the standard HSA contribution limits shown in the table, if you have attained age 55 before the close of a taxable year, you may also contribute an additional amount known as a "catch-up" contribution. The catch-up contribution limit is $1,000.00 for 2019.

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* HDHP and contribution limitations for health savings accounts are revised each year to reflect cost-of-living increases.

The information on this page is provided by Ascensus Retirement Services and the IRS, and is not intended as tax advice. Please consult a tax professional.