Visa Check Card: The Best Check Cards from BFG

Our Visa Check Card is honored at over 15 million locations around the world. These check cards are a combination ATM card and debit card for qualifying checking members.As an ATM card, the Visa Check Card can be used at any ATMs bearing the STAR, Pulse, Cirrus or Maestro network logo. As a debit card, you can use this card to pay for goods and services at any merchant displaying the Visa logo*. The Visa logo on our Visa Check Card is recognized worldwide.

Although a check card looks like a credit card, no credit will be used and no interest will be paid. When using check cards, the amount of the purchase is taken directly from your checking account.

Click here for information on Alliance One, a surcharge free ATM network.

* Your Visa Check Card cannot be used at any car rental merchant. Please use your BFG Federal Credit Union Credit Card.

Check Card Overdraft Protection Available

Applicants who qualify for this line of credit are protected from the embarrassment and expense of overdraft charges. Our low interest rate for this Overdraft Protection on check cards is below most credit card rates.

Request an application for our Visa Check Card with Overdraft Protection by calling 800-306-4400 ext. 4121 or email our Webmaster.

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