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This page is devoted to answering questions that we get from our members. If you have a question, please contact us via Webmaster, or phone.

Have you noticed your transactions on Online Banking are in ascending order, and want them in descending order? Follow these SIMPLE instructions, and you will be on your way!
EMP EASY CHECKING 2 Account Info How do I sort?
Date Check# Transaction/Description Credit Debit Balance
09-20-2010 PURCHASE 5.44 54.58
09-20-2010 PURCHASE 30.33 24.25
09-21-2010 WITHDRAW 2.00 22.25
09-22-2010 PURCHASE 5.44 16.81
09-23-2010 WITHDRAW 5.00 11.81
09-23-2010 LOAN ADV FROM LOAN 154 0.34 12.15
09-23-2010 PURCHASE 12.15 0.00
09-24-2010 SH DRAFT 8.75 0.00

Click on "User Options" in your Online Banking toolbar.

Click on "Default History Sort Order."

User Options

This page will allow you to change your personal options listed below.

  • Change Password
  • Change Timeout
  • Login Security - Change Challenge Questions
  • E-mail Address
  • Change Promotional Email Subscription
  • History Date Range
  • Default History Sort Order
  • Change Start Page
  • Change Account Nicknames

Change from ascending to descending and click "Change Sort Order."


Change History Default Sort Order

Choose the date sort order you prefer for Account History