Best Akron Auto Loan Rates: Top Reasons why Choosing a Credit Union Makes Sense

Akron Ohio car loan rates are typically lower with a credit union.

When it comes time for a new car loan, there are many different factors to consider, and choices to make. These decisions end up saving or costing consumers thousands and thousands of dollars, not to mention hassle, stress and headaches along the way. Therefore, it's certainly not to be taken lightly.

For great Akron Ohio car loan rates, the best option for many consumers is a credit union. Before making any car loan decisions, use the following guide to see why choosing a credit union makes sense to receive the most favorable auto loan rates, and the best all-around experience.

  1. People First: Credit unions put people first, not profit. They are owned by their members, and serve a particular community or base of individuals. For instance, BFG Federal Credit Union serves those who live, work, worship, attend school, or volunteer in Summit County, Ohio. This means that policies are made, actions are taken, and car loan rates are set, not by the way to squeeze every last penny out of every last person, but by the way in which its members benefit the most from the service being provided.


  2. Lower Auto Loan Rates: By the numbers, this means that credit unions can provide superior, lower auto loan rates than most banks, and certainly better than loans initiated by the dealers themselves. When it comes to a new car loan, the difference in a couple of percentage points might not seem like much on the surface, but over the course of monthly payments for three to five years or more, it adds up toahugesavings.

  3. Full Disclosure: Credit unions often provide better rates, yes, but they also provide full disclosure, and upfront and honest terms that are designed to benefit their members. For instance, many dealers offer 0% financing arrangements on their new car loans. However, the consumer ends up exchanging valuable rebates and other benefits, which actually ends up costing them more money. With a reputable credit union, though, consumers will receive the best possible rate, while keeping rebates and benefits intact, providing the lowest total cost of purchase possible.

  4. Service: A credit union does more than provide great car loan rates. They provide great service. Loan Consultants know the names of their members, and readily respond to and communicate with them. New packages and solutions can be introduced and offered. Ongoing relationships are formed, which are mutually beneficial to everyone.

BFG Federal Credit Union has more than 75 years of experience proudly serving the local community throughout Northeast Ohio. Today, they provide their services to all residents of Summit County, Ohio, with locations in Akron and Hudson.

BFG's new car loan rates can be as low as 3.34%. Find out more online at and experience the difference in service, quality and fantastic auto loan rates that a trusted credit union can provide.