Things to Consider When Opening a Checking Account in Akron or Hudson

BFG offers insight when searching for a new checking account

Many consumers don't put a great deal of thought into their checking account. However, somebody who wants to open a checking account really should understand all of the different factors involved, because all checking accounts are certainly not created equally. Here are a few of the main points and considerations to keep in mind when searching for a new checking account.

  1. The Fees: Free checking is becoming harder and harder to find these days. And those fees can slowly eat away at anyone's finances with a few dollars here, a few dollars there, adding up to potentially hundreds of dollars or more each year. Free checking account options are out there though, so consumers should be sure to carefully examine and compare different options from different financial institutions.

  2. Additional Accounts: Most consumers want a checking account to be linked to other accounts, such as a savings account. Or perhaps they want overdraft protection, a linked credit card, or available services such as direct deposit. Having this kind of cross-account functionality provides great convenience and flexibility.

  3. Check Card: A check card makes life much easier, providing credit card style shopping from a person's checking account. However, all banks actually don't offer this, and they're not always included with the basic free checking either.

  4. ATM Access: ATM access is a huge point of consideration for a checking account. There should be a plentiful selection of local ATMs to utilize, and they shouldn't charge for the privilege of doing so! Consumers in Akron, Twinsburg or Hudson should select a checking account linked to ATMs in those specific places, with branches and ATMs close to their home and work.

  5. Online Banking: Online baking is a wonderful, hassle-free way to manage funds, pay bills, make transfers, and keep track of expenses and cash flow. Make sure that a new checking account comes with online banking as well.

  6. Other Fine Print: Don't overlook the fine print of a checking account. Surprises could include account minimums that need to be met, or other spending behavior minimums, surprise monthly or yearly fees, ATM surcharges and much more. Always look into all of these details to separate the best options, and to see which of those so-called free checking accounts really are.

At BFG Federal Credit Union, a consumer who wants to open a checking account in Summit County, Ohio, will find truly free checking, with online banking, no fees or service charges and many other benefits as well. BFG is a member of the Alliance One surcharge free ATM nationwide cooperative. Visit to learn more about checking account options, Alliance One and many other financial services.