You Received a Gift Card, Now What?

BFG gives you the information you need to know after you receive a gift card for the holidays.

Gift cards have become one of the more popular and easy choices for the holiday season. For the gift giver, they're convenient, they're versatile, and they give the recipient the freedom to enjoy the card however they ultimately choose. If you are on the receiving end of a gift card this holiday season, here are five easy but wise tips to assist you in using your gift card, and get you started on your shopping spree:

  • The first thing you need to do is activate the card. Although not all gift cards need to be activated or registered, many will, and they will say so. Your gift card will come with a set of instructions informing you how to activate it, by either using a website or making a phone call, if necessary. Make the call or visit the site and listen or read any other important details or restrictions about how the card may be used.

  • When using a gift card, choose the credit option at the merchant's terminal, this will allow you to sign for the purchase, if necessary.

  • Stay up to date with remaining balances. This can be done by calling the issuer of the gift card, or checking the balance online. Additionally, many retailers will be able to provide balance information during the purchase process.

  • Even after the balance has been utilized completely, hold onto the gift card until all purchases are final. For instance, any returns that need to be made may need the original purchasing card.

  • Finally, if anything happens to a gift card, such as it being lost, stolen or otherwise fraudulently used, it should be reported immediately. High quality gift cards come with zero liability clauses and a variety of solutions to handle such issues

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At BFG, there are a variety of gift cards available to consumers looking to get in on the gift-giving fun this season. Safe, secure and super convenient and versatile, a gift card is a smart holiday choice. Visit to get started today.