What is a Credit Union?

What is a credit union? It's a common question  and it's important to understand what credit unions are so that you can see why they're so beneficial.

Unlike banks, credit unions are cooperative, membership-owned financial institutions designed to provide secure, convenient and affordable loans and other financial services.  Anyone in Summit County, Ohio can join BFG Federal Credit Union - you'll enjoy the benefits of a non-profit financial institution  where members always come first.

Credit union loans are beneficial  to members because they offer substantially lower rates than are available at commercial banks and financial institutions.

When you ask, what is a credit union, remember that one of the primary purposes is to serve  its membership base and be community oriented as a non-profit enterprise. That translates into lower rates on credit union loans, distributed dividends, fewer fees, and much more.

To learn more about BFG Federal Credit Union, our history, our mission and what we provide our to our members, visit our About Us  page. If you want to find a credit union in Summit County, Ohio, you'll never go wrong with BFG Federal Credit Union, one of the region's largest and most trusted names.

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